Sacred Waters Kirtan


Sacred Waters Kirtan has been making music out of South Bend, Indiana for nine years. With the powerhouse songwriting and lead vocals of Allen DeSomer, his Shakti co-leader Marie Ferraro, and a rocking world percussion sound (featuring Jacquee Dickey & Carolyn Koebel), participants regularly tell the group after attending their kirtans that they feel completely renewed and at peace.

Sacred Waters Kirtan was featured at the 150th anniversary celebration of Vivekananda by the Vedanta Society and had the honor of leading a large crowd of swamis, nuns and other participants from around the world in celebratory song. They have played venues as diverse as the Hindu Temple of Greater Chicago and the Basilica of the Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Notre Dame, Indiana.

What is Kirtan?

“Kirtan” is an experience of listening and interactive sound healing. Using call and response chanting with easy, repetitive melodies and joyous danceable rhythms, the songs are sung in the ancient languages of world religions. They set free the chattering mind, deepen the breath, and create a state of calm, where the eternal love that lies in each heart can unfold and open.

Research done by the University of Pennsylvania showed that kirtan increased working memory by 50% and participants experienced greater mind clarity, empathy and emotional equilibrium. Other researchers have discovered altered brain wave patterns, relaxed muscle tension, lowered blood pressure and heightened creative energy from chanting.

Kirtan originated in northern India in the 16th century. It began as a community-based non-violent social reform movement against India’s caste system. In modernity, the widespread adaptation of Kirtan in the West has given rise to many national, regional and local kirtan groups.