Rhonda Larson & Ventus

, Latin for “wind”, expresses the essence of Larson’s vision and approach to music: “music without label or genre boundaries, with inherent musical qualities of inspiration that celebrate the human spirit.”

It is forever challenging to describe Rhonda Larson & Ventus’ music with one word, or even one genre of music. That is thanks to her good training in the Paul Winter Consort! Rhonda plays many ethnic flutes from around the world, writes much of the material, and has arranged others from ethnic and folk traditions. This includes Celtic, middle-eastern, Native American, sacred chant, and medieval music, to name a few.

Rhonda Larson & Ventus’ music has been described as, “…the Bela Fleck of the flute-world with the melodic accessibility of Loreena McKennitt, Pat Metheny-esque harmonies, exotic percussion/rhythms from Africa and the Middle East, all topped off with a Celtic sense of celebration.”

Rhonda’s hallmark is her virtuosic abilities on the western European flute, playing both melody and harmony simultaneously (which is an illusion created by sheer speed), and her ability to sing with her voice at the same time as playing flute to accompany it—something previously unheard of in the flute-world!

Rhonda Larson & Ventus’ music is designed to engage audiences of all ages, and their concerts are an international musical pilgrimage. Rhonda is joined in Ventus with the stellar keyboardist Tim Ray (of Lyle Lovett fame), guitar and ethnic string player Chris Rosser, bassist Eliot Wadopian, and world percussionist Carolyn Koebel.