Michigan Hiryu Daiko

The meaning of Hiryu in Japanese:taiko The flying dragon is the ancestor of all creatures that emerge from the depths of the sea which then ascend to Heaven to transform. The Mitsudomoe (the 3 comma’d design in the Dragon’s claws) is the heavenly spiral of Heaven, Earth and Humanity.

The mission of MI Hiryu Daiko (MI Flying Dragon Drummers) is to educate and entertain children and adults in Michigan by introducing them to the 2000 year old authentic art of Taiko, from Japan. Performances are dynamic and exciting, with great audience appeal.

Director Esther Vandecar learned this tradition in Japan for 7+ years. She studied, performed, and taught taiko there. She studied with KODO and Oguchi, Daihachi, (father of modern taiko) among many. She brings back many traditional pieces, 1000 years old to modern.
Esther teaches all over the U. S. A.; created an awesome taiko community in AZ for 19 years, AND Michigan is now.

Esther arrived in Kalamazoo in May, 2011 and connected with Carolyn Koebel to establish a local performance group in the WA taiko tradition. Current members include Esther, Carolyn, Gerren Young, Miza Timmer, King Chang and Kat Koto. www.taikomichigan.com