An Dro


Listen to An Dro – “Canoeing the Rogue” from “An Dro Live 2013″

An Dro performs traditional acoustic music with a creative twist that defies easy categorization. The band’s sound is built on a foundation of Celtic melodies and dance forms, but while that’s the starting point, it’s not where the journey ends.

You’ll hear traditional Irish melodies, medieval French songs, Breton dance tunes, Scandinavian refrains, Appalachian influences, Arabic rhythms, and African grooves, all injected with an improvisational flair that at times resembles jazz.

This diverse range of musical styles is complemented by an equally diverse array of instruments. Fiddle, guitar, mandolin, bouzouki, hurdy-gurdy, harp, frame drum, doumbek, riq, and cajon are just part of the arsenal used to create the band’s unique sound palette.

The name An Dro refers to a folk dance from Brittany where the dancers link fingers as they move in a spiral. It translates literally as “The Turn.”

The current line up includes:
• James Spalink on harp, bouzouki & hurdy gurdy (formerly of Puck Faire)
• Michele Venegas on fiddle (formerly of Fonn Mor)
• Carolyn Koebel on all things percussion (formerly of Fonn Mor)